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19th November 06


Celebration of Children’s day along with remembrance of World Diabetic Day.


The whole world celebrates Children’s Day on 14th November and also remember it as World Diabetic day


To march further EKATA organized a “Healthy Baby Competition” at its registered office at Dhokali Balkum Thane.

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News Letter

Regd No- E-4211 ( Thane )


Our March toward our mission.


15th November 06

     As a first stepping stone EKATA had its medical camp at Village Guravli, Titwala.


     This medical camp started at 7 o’clock in the morning from Thane. The team of doctors reached the location by 8.30 am and the work started by 9.00 am. During this camp more than 275 patients got the medical attention and treatment.


29th October


Now since EKATA has learned how to walk the second Eye- Testing Camp was conducted near the village Khadavli.

During this camp along with local doctors eye testing was done for nearly 160 villagers.

A donor who wants to keep his name in dark helped the total Endeavour with complete expenses of the spectacles.

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